Solon Cordeiro de Araujo

I nstitutional marketing consultant at ANPII, agronomist engineer, graduated in 1965 from the School of Agronomy Eliseu Maciel, Federal University of Pelotas, in Rio Grande do Sul. Full by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).

He worked as a partner, director and consultant in several companies that produce agricultural inputs, having installed six inoculant factories and participated in teams that developed new products, including the first inoculant for grasses in Brazil. Currently he is dedicated to SCA, a business consulting company focused on organic products for agriculture.


SCA’s approach to R&D differs in that it has a broad view of the entire spectrum of research and development. Due to its wide experience and easy transit throughout the chain, the consultancy is able to propose and induce integrated work. Adopting a strategy of joint actions between a private company and official research institutions, as well as an integration within the company between R&D and other sectors of the company, the research flows in a coherent way, forming a synergy between the various actors, shortening and strengthening the process launching new products.

Research Steps

Viability study

Development and Applicability

Records and Approvals

Team Training

Launch and Monitoring

Our Philosophy

Find out what motivates us to provide a quality service, our values, mission and vision. These are the elements that shape our way of being, the way of thinking and acting.


Propose to the agricultural market more sustainable products that increase productivity, bringing more security and food to people’s tables.


Foster greater exchange between researchers, institutions and the private sector to develop viable products and processes as a business.


Ethics, commitment, commitment and results are a fundamental part of what SCA Consultoria implements in the development of its work.