Research, Development and Innovations – R, D & I

In competitive markets, innovation represents a huge differential. The focus of the market is the search for technological innovations that bring more productivity and profitability to the agricultural activity, also reinforcing the importance of sustainability.

Biological inputs play assumes a primary role for agriculture, not only in Brazil, but worldwide. Hundreds of new organic products are being launched on the market annually. Those that remain aligned with innovations will have greater competitiveness. And to stay on top of innovations,is indispensable a robust P, D & I in companies.

SCA has a long history of innovations in the inoculants market, in the development of new products, always with success in the market. And it puts this expertise at the disposal of companies, with some actions:

  • Drawing a department of R, D & I customized according to the size and needs of the company.
  • Induction aimed at implementing an environment for innovation in the company.
  • Characteristics of a P, D & I manager.
  • Training the team in research projects.
  • Development of new products. Project from idea to production.
  • Integration of R&D with other departments of the company.